Course Description

Today, the organizations with the most significant competitive advantage are those that create an inclusive environment that makes the most of their people’s diverse experiences, ideas, and talents. 

Course Outline

Valuing differences gives people practical skills and tools for exploring others’ unique perspectives, understanding and leveraging people’s inherent differences, challenging devaluing behavior, and creating an environment in which people’s differences are respected and utilized. 

  • Introduction: Learners complete a Styles, Abilities, and Motivations (SAMs) profile as prework. They review the SAM concept and complete an activity that illustrates how people have diverse styles and that there is value in the unique approaches and perspectives people bring to their jobs.
  • Exploring Differences: Learners, working in teams, use their own SAM profile to explore the value and challenges that varying styles, abilities, and motivations bring to the workplace. Recognizing that others’ SAM profile may be hard to uncover, learners identify opportunities to explore differences in the workplace.
  • Nurturing Differences: Learners watch video segments that illustrate the negative impact of failing to cultivate differences. They learn how the Key Principles can help nurture differences. Learners’ skill at using the Key Principles to nurture differences is tested in a quiz-show style game that asks them to answer “what would you say” follow-up questions.
  • Leveraging Differences: Learners, working in teams, create several ideas for making the most of people’s various SAMs in response to a fictional valuing diversity initiative. Members of each group divide the team roles among themselves based on their own SAMs. Learners identify opportunities to leverage the SAMs of teammates and partners in the workplace.
  • A Plan for Valuing Differences: Learners identify specific things they will stop, start, and continue doing to value differences in the workplace.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:  

  • Contribute their unique styles, abilities, and motivations to ensure the success of their work group and organization
  • Encourage others to contribute their unique styles, abilities, and motivations
  • Work more collaboratively and productively with people who have a variety of styles, abilities, and motivations
  • Leverage the talents of their coworkers to achieve better results
  • Contribute to a climate in which people's differences are respected and utilized


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It is suggested that participants complete Communication: Connect through Conversations prior to taking this course.

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