Course Description

The "AI Navigator: Accelerate Your AI Readiness and Strategy Roadmap" workshop is for organizations who are considering the adoption of AI technologies. The workshop  dives deep into the ins-and-outs of AI readiness and demystifyies the complex landscape of AI implementation. Through immersive sessions, attendees gain a clear understanding of their current AI posture, the challenges involved with enterprise-wide AI implementation, and develop a strategic roadmap to ensure a successful AI transformation.

Central to this seminar is the AI Navigator framework, a holistic tool that maps the journey of AI adoption, from initial considerations to full-scale implementation. This multi-dimensional matrix focuses on the importance of data infrastructure, skill acquisition, ethical considerations, and strategic alignment. Participants will use the AI Navigator to diagnose current AI readiness and illuminate the path forward, helping organizations accelerate their AI initiatives with confidence and clarity.

Beyond the technical aspects, AI Navigator recognizes the profound impact of AI on organizational culture, structure, processes, and talent management resulting in a  360-degree view of AI readiness and strategy. Attendees will engage with industry experts, hear real-world case studies, and participate in hands-on workshops, ensuring they depart with an actionable plan to move confidently into the transformative era of artificial intelligence.

Course Outline


Day 1: Understanding AI Readiness and Foundations

  • The AI Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Building Blocks of AI Readiness
  • Breakout Session: Assessing Your AI Readiness
  • Navigating Ethical AI
  • Aligning AI Strategy with Business Goals
  • Panel Discussion: AI Pioneers Share Their Journeys

Day 2: Mapping Your AI Strategy Roadmap

  • AI Maturity: From Novice to Expert
  • Breakout Session: Crafting Your AI Strategy
  • Integrating AI into Organizational Culture
  • Scaling AI Initiatives: Best Practices
  • Addressing Challenges & Mitigating Risks in AI Transformation
  • Interactive Roundtable: Sharing Experiences & Learnings

Learner Outcomes

  • AI Landscape Mastery: Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI's potential, its applications, and the challenges inherent to its adoption for your organization.
  • Readiness Foundations: Acquire in-depth knowledge of the essential components for AI adoption, ranging from infrastructure and data to talent and ethical considerations.
  • Strategy Alignment: Learn how to seamlessly align AI initiatives with overarching business objectives, ensuring maximum ROI and strategic coherence.
  • Cultural Integration: Grasp the significance of integrating AI into organizational culture, emphasizing upskilling, change management, and fostering AI-positive mindsets.
  • Risk Mitigation: Equip yourself with proactive strategies to anticipate, address, and navigate common pitfalls and challenges in the AI transformation journey.
  • Crafting the AI Blueprint: Create a concrete action plan tailored to your organization's unique needs, ensuring a smooth and effective transition towards AI maturity.
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