Course Description

This certification focuses primarily on Agile testing techniques and processes in addition to the mindset and role of an Agile tester. Learning outcomes include the ability to distinguish the diverse types of testing on an Agile effort, and understanding how business, development, and testing personnel best collaborate on an Agile development cadence. In addition, course participants will learn Agile test strategies and techniques related to release planning, testing within iterations, regression testing, performance testing, pre-deployment, and production support testing.

Course Outline


  • Agile Testing Mindset
    • Overview of Agile Testing
    • Mindset and Culture
  • Testing Techniques
    • Categories of Testing
    • Collaborating with Developers
    • Example Driven Development
    • Feature and Story Testing
  • Agile Testing Process
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Test Strategy and Planning
    • Successful Delivery
    • Test Environments and Infrastructure
    • Working on Distributed Teams


Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Contrast Agile testing with phase-based testing and explain the key characteristics of testing in Agile environments
  • Identify key elements of the Agile testing mindset and culture and apply new ways of thinking to real world examples
  • Apply a categorization model to manual and automated testing and design test cases using a variety of test design techniques
  • Demonstrate how testers and developers work together in Agile teams
  • Select an approach and apply ATDD or BDD techniques to real world scenarios
  • Analyze, design and execute test cases covering functional and non-functional aspects of a product using a test basis of features and user stories
  • Explain and give examples of how different roles contribute to testing in Agile environments and how roles change to support Agile testing
  • Produce and explain test plans at multiple levels and demonstrate ways to manage defects in an Agile environment
  • Demonstrate how they will support Agile development and where various testing activities fit into the overall Agile lifecycle
  • Describe the key aspects of Agile test environments and explain how they add value to the overall development process
  • Explain the challenges of working in distributed teams and some common approaches to overcoming them

Accrediting Associations

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