Course Description

Team Leadership and Agile Coaching is a training program that focuses on understanding and developing Leadership and Coaching skills. Learners will be able to differentiate between teaching, mentoring, facilitating, and coaching and determine when each is most effective. They will gain the skills needed to create a positive environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within a team as a consultant, leader, or coach. This is a reboot and redesign of our previous Agile Coaching course with new and updated learning outcomes.

Course Outline

  • Development in the Agile Coaching
    • The Agile Coaching Mindset
  • Coach as a Professional Coach
    • Foundational Professional Coaching Skills
    • The Coaching Conversation – Coaching for Action
  • Coach as Mentor
    • Key Mentoring Skills
    • Mentoring Agile Role
  • Coach as Teacher
    • Key Teaching Skills
    • Agile Mindset Shifts and Frameworks
  • Coach as Team Coach
    • Foundational Team Coaching
    • Describing Team
    • Coaching the Journey Toward High Performance
    • Handling Conflict and Dysfunction within the Team
    • Handling Organizational Impediments
  • Setting Boundaries for Agile Coaching
    • Coaching Alliances and Contracts

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Relate the mindset, competencies and practices of Agile Coaching to their own experience and current competency level.
  • Exhibit the self-awareness to identify a development path for their own growth as an Agile Coach
  • Apply foundational professional coaching skills in an Agile context
  • Describe the arc of a coaching conversation and apply it using a variety of techniques in real-world Agile Coaching scenarios
  • Apply foundational mentoring skills in an Agile context
  • Contrast mentoring and coaching and apply mentoring skills with a mentee on real-world Agile scenarios
  • Apply foundational teaching skills in an Agile context
  • Apply concepts to teach a brief lesson which conveys aspects of the key mindset shifts and introduces one key Agile framework
  • Apply foundational team coaching skills in an Agile context
  • Apply tools and techniques for effective team startup and for cultivating self-awareness in teams
  • Assess the health of an Agile team and adjust one's individual coaching style to facilitate the team's journey to high-performance
  • Apply tools and techniques to work with conflict and dysfunction in teams
  • Describe common organizational impediments to Agile adoption and categorize them to determine the appropriate level with which to resolve them (e.g., team, community of practice, tactical leadership, executive leadership)
  • Determine and present the best course of action for formalizing coaching relationships in both internal and external contexts


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