Course Description

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When you become a facilitator of Agile practices, you adopt a servant leadership mindset and empower your Agile team to produce great results. Equip yourself with strategies and techniques for successful Lean and Agile project implementation in this course. Also known as ICP-APM, this ICAgile-certified course takes a more in-depth look at the fundamental Agile concepts of adaptive planning, customer collaboration and value-driven delivery in dynamic and sometimes highly constrained environments. Metrics, reporting and contract management will also be addressed.

Course Outline

  • Deliver Agility
    • Delivery Modes
    • Impact on Management
  • Manage the System, Empower the Team
    • Optimizing the System
    • Navigating Governance and Contracts
    • Empowering High Performance
    • Structuring for Rapid Feedback
  • Deliver Value Consistently
    • Identifying and Communicating Value
    • Defining Successful Delivery
    • Leveraging Constraints
  • Planning and Monitoring
    • Adaptive Planning
    • Monitoring and Communicating Progress

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recommend the appropriate delivery mode for an initiative and justify your recommendation
  • Evaluate and make recommendations about role definitions and role changes for an organization adopting Agile management practices
  • Evaluate system metrics and make recommendations on changes at the team/initiative level
  • Evaluate a governance model and sample contract, and recommend areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate empowering behaviors
  • Recommend changes to a team structure that will optimize communication and feedback
  • Prepare a value model and articulate how you will validate value
  • Define successful outcomes and recommend changes to optimize for global vs. local outcomes
  • Prepare a risk and constraints register and show how it could be leveraged to increase value delivery
  • Provide specific examples to communicate the importance of adaptive planning to leaders beyond the team
  • Create and use visual aids to communicate progress to various types of stakeholders


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