Over the course of the past decade, the explosion of data has transformed nearly every industry known to man. Whether it’s in marketing, healthcare, government, or activism -- the ability to translate data into insights has quickly become a highly in-demand skill by all. The Washington University Data Analytics Boot Camp is a part-time 24 week program that will empower you to gain the knowledge and skills to conduct robust analytics on a host of real-world problems.

The program is designed to fit into your life, whether you’re employed or attending college full-time, with convenient weekend and evening sessions. The program is rigorous, fast-paced, and focused on the practical technical skills needed to solve data problems. Throughout the course, you’ll be gaining proficiencies on a host of marketable technologies like Advanced Excel, Python, JavaScript, (D3.js, Leaflet.js), HTML/CSS, API Interactions, Social Media Mining, SQL, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub and more. Plus, you’ll have an impressive Professional Portfolio and the confidence you need to succeed in the data driven economy.


Who Should Enroll:

  • Professionals who want to acquire new skills in the areas of data analytics and data visualization

  • Accounting, IT and engineering professionals

  • Marketing professionals

  • Anyone who reports on business processes

  • Anyone responsible for benchmarking or strategy development


What You Will Learn:

  • Learn Advanced Excel, Python, JavaScript (D3.js, Leaflet.js), HTML/CSS, API Interactions, Social Media Mining, SQL, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub, and more.

  • Translate data into competitive insights in the workplace.

  • Build a strong portfolio to showcase your knowledge and skills.

  • Complete projects using real data sets from the areas of finance, healthcare, government, social welfare and more.


Learning Outcomes:

By the time you graduate, you can expect to be able to:

  • Employ statistical analysis to model, predict, and forecast trends

  • Expertly build VBA scripts in Excel to automate tedious manual processes

  • Utilize real-world data sources to showcase social, financial, and political phenomena

  • Create Python-based scripts to automate the cleanup, re-structuring, and rendering of large, heterogeneous datasets

  • Interact with RESTful APIs using Python Requests and JSON parsing techniques

  • Create in-depth graphs, charts, and tables utilizing a wide-variety of data-driven programming languages and libraries

  • Use geographic data to create visually exciting, interactive, and informative maps

  • Build custom interactive data visualizations using D3.js and other JavaScript libraries

  • Write SQL commands to perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete commands

  • Use advanced SQL and Mongo techniques to combine multiple datasets into one so as to create even more impressive and comprehensive databases

  • Create basic interactive websites and applications to show your work to the entire world

  • Work with and lead small-scale teams in order to create applications and visual datasets

  • Scrape information from web pages in order to collect data from a wide-variety of online sources

  • Communicate and glean new business insights using enterprise-grade tools like Tableau

  • Analyze social media trends on Twitter and Facebook using automated programs

  • Work independently or in a group on complex data-mining projects

  • Understand the basics of troubleshooting and enhancing legacy code



No programming experience is required. It is recommended that applicants hold a Bachelor’s Degree or have at least two years of experience in business, management, finance, statistics, or a related field.


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